We offer screening services for the evaluation of the biological potential of chemical compounds, using in vitro human cell models, even in 3D.
The analyses and researches are focused on the evaluation of acute and cronic toxicity; cellular mechanisms of damage and/or adaptation to the damage; pro/anti-inflammatory potential; oxidative stress, using alternative models to animal testing in accordante to the 3Rs policy of Russel and Burch.

William M.S. Russell & Rex Burch (The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique, 1959):

REDUCTION - reduction of the number of animals used in a scientific research
REFINEMENT - improvement of the experimental designs in order to dedcrease further the stress and suffering of the animals
REPLACEMENT - use of methods that do not require the use of animal testing

Our staff can be a partner with companies that consider the use of alternative in vitro methods as a most suitable and predictive strategy to in vitro experimentation as the safety regulation requires. 


Guarantees of quality

The quality of the Laboratory Management System complies with the rules provided by Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2008.


Dr. Anna Maria Bassiwas among the 2013 LUSH PRIZE WINNERS in the category TRAINING PRIZE for the development and delivery of training courses in animal-free cell culture research in accordance with EU regulation.

 Also in 2013, the National Order of Biologists gave to Dr. Susanna Penco one of the two DNA awards.

 Dr. Chiara Scanarotti was one of the four 2012 LUSH PRIZE WINNERS in the category YOUNG RESEARCH PRIZE for her work on the in vitro evaluation of the toxic potential of chemical mixtures on skin sensitisation.


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