The Laboratory of Pathophysiological Analyses and Research (LARF) of the Department of Experimental Medicine, Section General Pathology, University of Genoa, offers its expertise and over three decades of experience with a vast number of services/analysis to meet the main needs of the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

LARF is a structure of wide scientific competences and our activities are based on our achievements and potential on the belief that alternative methods can be very useful for the progress of science for the benefit of human health.

The main activities of LARF could be summarized in researches devoted to the following studies:

  • Assessment, validation of alternative models to animal testing for the evaluation of the biological/toxic potential of natural or synthetic chemical compounds;
  • Susceptibility factors to cellular oxidative stress;
  • In vitro cell differentiation of adult human stem cells obtained from adipose tissue;
  • Modulation of the enzymatic activities associated with the biotransformation of xenobiotics;
  • Molecular mechanisms of the anticancer potential of compounds of natural origin or synthetic.

LARF offers a service of qualified scientific consultancy that will ensure the customer of the best in vitro experimental approach and specific experimental protocols that will allow testing the samples on the basis of their specific properties and applications.

Our staff also collaborates with other research groups and companies operating into the field of chemical and physical analysis, also offering studies for multidisciplinary experiments.

The results of the most relevant studies, in agreement with the customer, will be presented to scientific meetings and publications in international scientific journals specialized in the field of toxicology.

Two types of tests:

  • Security tests on different cell lines and models;
  • Efficiency and potential tests.

Models: normal and cancer stable human cell lines; adult human stem cells, 3D-models of reconstructed tissue, co-culture of different cell lines on inserts and/or scaffolds.

Scientific consultancies and awards:


Dr. Anna Maria Bassi is affiliated with scientific societies and expert work groups, and provides international consulting services:


  • Expert Commission of the National Reference Centre for "Alternative Methods, Wellness and Care of Laboratory Animals" – (11A08025, Decree 20.04.2011 Ministry of Health, Registered in the Court of Auditors 26.05.2011);
  • European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV);
  • International Society for In Vitro Methods (IN VITROM);
  • European Society For Alternatives To Animal Testing (EUSAAT);
  • Society for Free Radical Research (SFRR);
  • Core experts of alternative in vitro methods – TICASS – Innovative Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Development – a non-profit Consortium including public research bodies (Departments of the University of Genoa), SMEs and large Companies. It is the core of the regional Innovation Hub “Energy and Environment” supported by ERDF in the Liguria Region in Italy;
  • Expert in the Seventh Research Framework Programme (EUROPEAN COMMISSION);
  • Council member for  Gerson Lehrman Group Healthcare Council, USA;
  • Panel LeadPhysician - LeadPhysician - 2/3 Unity Wharf – 13 Mill Street, SE1 2BH, London, UK;
  • Italian Cancer Society (SIC);
  • European Association for Cancer Research (EACR);
  • Mediterranean Forum  –  Comparative Oncology;
  • Italian Society for Essential Oils Research (SIROE);
  • Invited Reviewer for international scientific journals with JCR.